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Supplies & Services provide rapid construction advance exceeds the customer's expectation of high quality global standards
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» Workers Resedent
Featuring Super Frame buildings flexible applications, allowing the designer to use in all areas of construction, and the most important workers housing cozy appropriate cost, where we can build a three-storey high speed within a few days.
We have the many designs and ideas and smart solutions that help you to fulfill your purposes better to choose.



» Villas
The construction of traditional houses is considered a good investment, but that use systems Super Frame rapid construction is considered the best ever, in addition to great savings in price, you get a resistance to various climatic conditions of the building, and a friend of the environment, where not leave residues after construction, and less maintenance in addition to great savings in energy inside the house, as well as afford Supreme earthquakes from other traditional methods.



» The walls of open spaces breaks
Do you need extra space in the headquarters of your business or your home? Super Frame provides you with the solution. Using the new technology in the building where you can expand your workplace or low cost housing as well as the speed of delivery, as well as cutting open spaces in the buildings and facilities using commas Super Frame.



» Refugee Camps
Super Frame provides intelligent solutions according to the highest quality standards to host our people refugees in various parts of the world, on the basis of values ​​that depend on high ethics and carry Secretariat in the service of humanity, relying on honesty, perfection, taking into consideration accept all views to get to the product depends best solutions suitable speed prices high, where we can get to the scene within 36 hours in case of availability of appropriate conditions for the reception of the work of crisis team in the Super Frame.


» Hangars and Warehouses
With Super Frame you can get a faster store in record time, after the completion of the design is the structure manufactured by Super Frame automated machines (robots), where you can receive store structure with an area of ​​1000 square meters in one day to proceed with installation at the job site the next day, there is no Feel free to submit your application immediately, and a team of our engineers They will serve you, starting from the discussion of the idea to design up to manufacturing and installation.




» Packaging Buildings Balomenyum Structures
Considered Super Frame Technology automated (robotic) the optimal solution for the manufacture of structures upon which buildings and buildings with aluminum packaging, just make your order today to receive Hiaklk manufactured and ready for installation during the period of 24 hours only, with high quality of galvanized iron (steel), and durability of the best studied engineering techniques to account structures, and most importantly the cost of competing all other roads in the manufacture of structures because of the provision (80%) of the workforce ... Welcome to our offices and since the day Begin your request.




• Installation
• Manufacturing
• Idea
• Design

• Super Frame based on an integrated system that can idea turned into a reality where you start to keep pace with the customer's desire to design and turn it into an integrated engineering design through a program ((soft ware specialist calculates all the building requirements ,, then enter the design in the production system in the factory turns using the latest Android-based technologies to rail manufactured structures (find a frame) are then transported to the construction site to create a building according to international specifications deliberate take into consideration:
• All the building conditions of the strength and durability of the structure.
• to maintain the degree of heat the building in the best types of thermal insulation anti-fire.
• acoustic insulation, which takes into account the specificity of each room inside the building and also counter-fire.
• All of these steps from design to completion of the building under the control of a very high quality according to the latest available inspection and control techniques in the world.